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  • Fusion Description

    Our Sevin Up Terpene Fusion blend is a proprietary mix of citrus and Lime terpenes. Sevin Up Fusion can help with anxiety and reduce stress. it can be calming, increase appetite, detoxify and help with insomnia. Terpenes can provide several medicinal benefits naturally because they are natural. Terpenes are present in almost all plants. Terpenes are considered safe by the FDA. All terpenes have there own unique characteristics, especially when it comes to effect, smell and taste. Research now shows that the medicinal effects of cannabis is largely due to the different terpenes that are within the plant. Terpenes add depth to the many benefits of using just cannabis alone. They act as a mediator between our bodies reaction to the cannabanoids. All terpenes act on neurotransmitters and receptors through the cannabanoid system. Terpenes are currently being used in a wide variety of therapies and treatments. When terpenes are injested or inhaled, they act as the assistant to cannabanoids as they work together to penetrate the blood brain barrier. When using terpenes, it is important to use a very little amount. This is a concentrate and needs to be dilluted. Check out the "how to use" section when considering the different methods for using terpenes.

    100% Purity – use dilution rate of 1%-5% of total volume.

    Lemon and Lime Citrus Beneficial Properties

    Lime is known to help Increase hunger and appetite. The benefits of this amazing fruit comes from the natural terpenes produced by the fruit including: myrcene, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, limonene, pinene, and citral. Limes restorative properties help build up organ systems in the body and provides purifying effects.There’s something about citrus that can brighten the mood and lift the spirits. Have you ever wondered what gives certain strains of cannabis a bright, unmistakable citrus scent? Terpenes give plants like pine trees, berries, and lemons specific aromas as well as flavor profiles. But they aren’t only for taste and scent — terpenes also give us clues about a plant’s nutritional or medicinal properties, and that goes for medical marijuana strains as well.

    L-Limonene is the terpene responsible for a crisp citrus scent. It’s a beautifully fragrant oil that is produced in the plant along with certain cannabinoids. Believe it or not, the smell created by these oils can also produce specific effects that can benefit your treatment. The Rejuvenating properties of Lemon have led this fruit to be one of the most popular in the world. Its refreshing and uplifting aroma has been shown to combat fatigue, along with promoting a positive sense of well-being. Lemon Terpenes are very versatile and provide a numerous amount of health giving benefits including: Fights free radicals, supports kidney and gallbladder, slows cancer growth, fights cell division in cancer, lymph drainage, supports brain and nervous system, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and disinfectant.

    How are Terpene fusions created?

     Our Terpene Fusions are a specific combination of several different terpenes. Each Fusion has a different effect and taste. All our terpenes are created using high vacuum distillation to produce high purity terpenes.

    Our Sevin Up fusion is available in the following sizes:

    6 gram and 12 gram bottle.

    What are Terpenes?

    Terpenes are aromatic compounds that are found in thousands of plant and citrus species and are responsible for the various flavors and fragrances. Terpenes are a large and diverse class of organic compounds, produced by a variety of plants, particularly conifers.

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    What are Terpenes? Aroma Bottle with mint leaves. Learn more about KleanTerpenes™ Terpene Products

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