KleanTerpenes™ Lime Terpenes 65%

    • Product Description

      KleanTerpenes™ Lime Terpenes 100% Natural is extracted exclusively from domestic Lime trees. A Food Grade, Non-GMO, Organic product with no Additives added. Enhance your mood experience with the addition of our KleanTerpenes™ Lime Terpenes. There’s a reason the scent of them makes us think “clean” and “fresh.” Limes are nature antiseptics and their juice is a powerful cleansing agent. The scent of them is known to be a mood lifter and is often used to perk up people suffering from depression or anxiety. It Really Is "All About The Peel" - Are you getting the benefits of the peel of your citrus fruits, especially the "Lime" and its vitamin C, Powerful Antioxidants called LIMONOIDS (phytochemical plant-based compounds with extraordinary benefits to the body) and other nutrients (copper, magnesium, vitamins A & E, pyridoxine, potassium, calcium, and iron)? If not, you are missing out on their benefits found ONLY the peel.

      What are Terpenes?

      Terpenes are aromatic compounds that are found in thousands of plant and citrus species and are responsible for the various flavors and fragrances. Terpenes are a large and diverse class of organic compounds, produced by a variety of plants, particularly conifers.

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      What are Terpenes? Aroma Bottle with mint leaves. Learn more about KleanTerpenes™ Terpene Products
    • Therapeutic

      Help reduce Inflammation

      Help with Digestion

      Help with Weight

      Can help with Immune System

    • How to use

      Vape Pens, e-cigs, vaporizers - Create your own unique flavor profile and enhance your pleasure experience. Lime Terpenes are concentrate. Always dilute using 1%-5% of total volume.


      If you are searching for a more effective Citrus Cleaner containing d-Limonene we suggest our KleanTerpenes™ 95% Limonene

      Mix 3oz of Lime to 24oz of water, for General cleaning. Shake well


      KleanTerpenes™ Lemon Guaranteed Analysis

      Source: Domestic Expressed Lime (Citrus × limon) Oil

      Assay % - 60% – 80%

      Other Naturally Occurring Constituents: α-pinene, ß-pinene, citral, y-terpinene

      Density / Specific Gravity 25 ºC: 0.8400 – 0.8600 g/cm3

      Optical Rotation 25 ºC: -101.4º to -104.50º

      Refractive Index 20 ºC: 1.460 – 1.500

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