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KleanTerpenes has a full line of Terpenes with anti-inflammatory properties.  Anti Inflammatory Terpenes have the potential to help boost the body’s ability to ward off illnesses, lessen their severity and/or manage its’ warning signs.  

Research has found that there may be potential to avoid inflammation in the existence of certain Anti Inflammatory Terpenes.  Anti Inflammatory Terpenes contain a  strong obstructor of the NF-κB system, a protein complex that directs the transcription of DNA (controls genes in charge of the innate & adaptive immune response), cytokine creation and cell endurance.   It has been reported that inflammation is occurring due to the over-active status of the NF-kB system, despite the absence of the need of continued production.  The anti-inflammatory response of Anti Inflammatory Terpenes could result in the reduction in NF-kB levels, thus reducing inflammation.

Topical application may be applicable by creating a massage oil with 20-30 drops mixed with 10 tablespoons of coconut oil may aid in reducing inflammation & pain. Rub the massage oil into the affected area concentrating on specific regions where inflammation occurs to reduce redness and/or swelling.   




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