What are Citrus Terpenes?

June 29, 2017

KT SPOTLIGHT - What are Citrus Terpenes?

Citrus Terpenes also referred to as d-Limonene (or just Limonene) are an oil produced from the rind of citrus through the process of distillation.

Terpenes are responsible for giving citrus their unique fragrance and flavors. Limonene is a terpene and is the main constituent extracted from the citrus fruit. Limonene gets its name from lemons. The lemon rind, along with other citrus fruit rinds, contains a significant amount of this compound. While citrus fruits are juiced and pressed, Limonene oil is also pressed from the citrus rinds. The oil and the juice are then separated and distilled. The majority remainder of the oil is then collected and is considered food grade Limonene.

Citrus Terpenes for Cleaning
Citrus Terpenes have excellent cleansing benefits. Citrus fruits are a popular choice for cleaning due to their refreshing and energizing scent, and their wonderful natural disinfecting properties. Citrus fruits include grapefruit, lime, lemon, and orange. Citrus fruits and their component Limonene have excellent cleansing properties. Today's modern households are now swapping out their old, outdated, and unsafe household chemicals and replacing them with natural cleansing solutions like our MultiKlean (https://goo.gl/gFl31z) that works even better without the harmful side effects.

Limonene is definitely a better choice for cleaning when it comes to safety and the environment. Throughout history, citrus has been well known for its amazing cleansing properties.

Citrus Cleaner is:
Odor Remover

Some of the uses for this natural powerhouse cleansing agent include:*

Cleaning cutting boards 
Removal of sticky residue 

Limonene is considered a better natural cleansing choice compared to the thousands of harsh chemicals available. When it comes to safety and the environment, Natural Citrus Terpenes are a much better option. Another reason Citrus Terpenes are a better choice is that they biodegrade much quicker, and don't pollute the environment.

The sweet aroma of citrus has uplifting and energizing benefits. Citrus scents are known to aid in stress relief and to create a positive mood. It has also been shown to improve focus and help alleviate depression.

We offer all of the citrus terpenes available based on your flavor preference. All of our terpenes are natural, with any additives, and are considered food grade, which is the most preferred type.






Cold-Pressed Orange Oil



Share your unique experience with Citrus Terpenes with us today. We'd love to learn how you make use of these AMAZING terpenes!

*Avoid use on wood

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