KT Spotlight - GERANIOL and it's Therapeutic Properties

May 25, 2017

GERANIOL possesses a number of therapeutic properties. Its superior antioxidant qualities can aid in fighting free radicals and inflammation in the body. GERANIOL is a natural antioxidant suggested to help prevent cancer, and may also provide positive anti-inflammatory effects on the cardiovascular system.

GERANIOL is a naturally occurring component of essential oils. It is considered a monoterpene and an alcohol with a rose-like scent. GERANIOL is the primary part of rose and citronella oil. Plants containing it have the natural ability to repel insects. GERANIOL also occurs in small quantities in geranium, lavender, carrot, coriander, lemon, lime, nutmeg, orange, blueberry, and blackberry.

GERANIOL is a clear to pale yellow oil that is insoluble in water. Due to its attractive rose-like scent, GERANIOL is commonly used in perfumes and soaps. It can also be used as a plant-based mosquito repellent but can attract bees, because it is produced by the scent glands of honey bees to help them mark nectar-bearing flowers and the entrances to their hives. GERANIOL contains antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties. it assists in detoxification, aids digestive function, and inhibits gas in intestines.


GERANIOL, as well as other monoterpenes present in several essential oils extracted from herbs and fruits, could provide a new group of cancer chemopreventive agents. Research has shown that the effects of GERANIOL on colon cancer may significantly reduce the cancer cell growth. Being a natural antioxidant, GERANIOL is said to be useful in preventing other various types of cancer also. It has been found that GERANIOL slows down synthesis of DNA.

Also, GERANIOL, when paired with peril and farnesol alcohol may slow the growth of pancreatic tumors. Findings of several studies have also shown that GERANIOL and it's superior antioxidant qualities, possess anti-cancer benefits. Also, GERANIOL paired with peril and farnesol alcohol may hold back the growth of pancreatic tumors. One of the excellent antioxidant properties of Geraniol includes Super Oxidase Dismutase. Superoxidase Dismutase is a natural enzyme found in your body. S.O.D., is an important antioxidant defense in nearly all living cells exposed to oxygen

Some Benefits of GERANIOL

GERANIOL extracted from geraniums has been used in natural pet care treatments as an extremely effective flea repellant for dogs

GERANIOL is primarily used in perfume and flavoring.

Help get rid of pests that attack garden vegetables

Stimulates production of tumor suppressors

GERANIOL continues to attract the attention of researchers and scientists for its use as a penetration enhancer in delivering transdermal drugs.

GERANIOL is a well-known insect repellant

GERANIOL is often used to reproduce the flavor of several fruits

Although GERANIOL is primarily used in perfumes and cosmetics, it has some amazing therapeutic properties. GERANIOL is an excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. As we have read, researchers are currently examining the incredible anti-tumor effects of GERANIOL. Throughout history, People have planted Geraniums in their window box, using the natural properties of the monoterpene GERANIOL in the flowers to repel bugs.

Share your unique experience with GERANIOL with us today. We'd love to learn how you make use of this AMAZING terpene!

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